In a full moonlight she comes alive from the tunnels, laced up and glowing like an angel. She is a creature who moves with an alluring dance. When she coos, your knees might tremble: your heart might skip. Multicolored and multicultured, TEA is the face of a world with no borders and no boundaries. She is the white rabbit you follow into the rabbit hole. She is the ominous temptress in your nightmares.

TEA is a Canadian born Artist, who had a natural allure and boldness since she was little. Adorned in eccentric clothes and personality, and an opulent view of the world... her small town knew she was here, to create and entertain. Dance and performance art is a large part of her history, and has helped develop who TEA is today. The stage is no stranger to this creature, and the bright lights are her home. Collecting more creative skills, memories, and artistic intellect has been a part of her young years... to give the world something they have been deeply craving. She is finally ready now, welcome... TEA KITTAGUCCI.